Welcome to A.S lugano

A.S Lugano Diamonds took its first steps into the diamond business nearly 4 decades ago. The late Shmuel Shtrum laid the grounding rules of our company: professionalism, honesty And integrity.

We are manufacturing large stones from 1-5 carats in all shapes and qualities. We export our goods around the world especially to the Far East and u.s markets. In the last 18 years younger generation, Mr. Assaf Shtrum is managing A.S Lugano, with full attention in adjusting its business to the fast changes of the diamond industry, as well as the world's economy.

Today, A.S Lugano diamonds meets those changing demands of the market with the ability to supply and manufacture goods to the satisfaction of their customers.

We offer personal service and competitive prices, allowing you to find the Ideal solution for your needs and demands. A.S Lugano prides itself in having excellent makes, a consistent pricing system and a home for you to return to.